Ashley's Boss Bag

$ 50.00

Here's how it works:

1.  First you will pick a budget, by choosing from the prices in the Boss Bag Subscription below.  

2. Once you purchase your Boss Bag, we will email you a survey so we can find out what styles you love and the best fit for you.

3.  Ashley will select & ship your Boss Bag right to your front door each month! 

$50.00 option will include 2 pieces.  This may be 2 tops or 1 top & 1 accessory. 

$75.00 option will include 3 pieces.  Usually this is 2 tops and 1 accessory. 

$100.00 option will include up to 4 pieces based on the prices of the styles picked for you!

Also if you prefer not to get an accessory or always want one, please note this at checkout. 

You will be able to skip and change your ship date by logging into your customer account here on our website.  

We can't wait to get your first Boss Bag shipped out to you!