Wellness Masterclass Ticket

$ 5.00
Welcome to the Wellness Masterclass! ✨ with Ashley Curnow.
We are so excited to co-host this amazing class on Wed, November 16 at 6pm CST.
Leave this class with the knowledge and power to transform your lifestyle to optimize your health.
🔶 Details

Ashley Curnow will be discussing the five pillars of wellness.
She will give an overview of how the areas of sleep, stress, relationships, exercise, and nutrition all interconnect and impact our overall well-being.
Ashley will discuss the services she offers and how she can guide you along your health journey.

🥕 About Ashley Curnow -
Ashley is a registered dietitian at Intentional Living within Carr Chiropractic. She utilizes a functional medicine approach to guide you along your health journey, which often times includes overcoming and managing complex health conditions.

Class includes - a special wellness sip + snacks!