Warm Vacation Must-Haves

Baby it is cold outside!!  Many of you will head some place warm this winter season for much needed rest and relaxation.  Mostly to get away from this cold weather and lay in the warm sun, toes in the sand and sipping on a fun fruity drink.  I wish I was there right now!  For all of you taking trips soon or in March during spring break, here are some items you will want to take along. 

1.  Don't forget the sunnies.  You might want to have an extra pair, just in case you miss place or break one pair.  I might be speaking from experience on this time, this girl has bad luck with sunglasses.  

2.  A super cute hat to block the sun and hide your hair,  your on vacay you don't have to do your hair everyday right!!  Throw on a hat and rock a side pony.  

3.  A cover-up that is easy to throw on before heading to the pool.  Think outside the box.  A fun maxi dress or an over sized top is perfect.  You can go from the beach to lunch or shopping in a cute maxi without having to head back to the room first.  

4.  Your favorite easy to slide on sandals.  Bring a pair of flip-flops with a little bling to wear them on the beach and then to supper that night.  This will save some room in your suitcase. 

5.  Pack a fun flowy dress to that is comfy and still looks dressy.  One thing I love to do on vacation is dress up when we head out to supper at the end of the day.  Some resorts actually have a dress code for one or two of the restaurants, this might be something to check before packing. 


Love the maxi dress above?  Me too!!  This is a light weight maxi that looks like one dress in the front and in the back looks like it's two pieces!  How fun!  

You can find this dress and some of the other items listed above on our website and at our store location.  Shop the maxi above at  http://www.bossboutique.com/products/fuchsia-striped-maxi


I only gave a few things to think about when packing.  Below I have a link to head to my Pinterest account for more tips on packing and super cute outfit ideas.  Right now is best time to find summer clothing on sale.  Check out our the SALE rack in the store and online to find some warm weather vacation items for a great price!! 


Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope these tips are helpful and fun.  If you are going on vacation soon, have fun, enjoy and relax. 

Have a great day!

Ashley E. 







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