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Keeping Up with Boss Boutique

Love Local - Cyndi Binger of Boss Boutique

2017 Hometown Shop Local

We've decided to create a new feature, "Love Local," that will allow you to learn more about our friends and colleagues in the business community! We'll feature employees from Boss Boutique and other local businesses, as well as local entrepreneurs and business owners. First up is Cyndi Binger! A Variety of Styles 1. Where did you grow up?I grew up in rural Ramona, S.D. 2. How would you describe your style?I feel that I have a variety of styles :) I enjoy wearing anything from a plain shirt and jeans to a romper to a dress with leggings. A wonderful...

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2017 Spring/Summer Trends Coming in HOT

2017 trends

It's already been a long winter, but believe it or not, spring is not far away! I love when the season changes and new trends pop up. If you are like me it's fun to try new styles and play with fashion. Why not? :) Take a look at the list below and see which of these spring and summer fashion trends are for you! Some of them are being carried over from last season, which is good. I would be sad to see them go. You can find a sample of all of these styles -- and more --...

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Looking Back at 2016 and What's 'In Store' for 2017

celebration new store Store News

As we start a New Year, I decided to reflect on what was a busy year for Boss Boutique in Huron. Let me tell you - it's been a whirlwind. When I sat down to write this, I decided I could probably sum it up with a single sentence: "We made it!" Busy in 2016 Last year was a busy one for Boss Boutique! After starting out working by myself at pop-ups around the state and sharing a building, Boss grew to the point where I decided to hire more employees and open standalone store at 2971 Dakota Ave. S....

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6 of the Best Christmas Gifts for ALL the Ladies on Your List

accessory trends celebration Christmas fashion tips holiday shopping

We have six great gift ideas at Boss Boutique for that special person in your life.

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All 'Dressed Up' at Boss Boutique in Huron

dresses fashion tips holiday shopping specials

If you're looking for dresses in Huron - or anywhere else you are celebrating the holidays - I'd love to help you find your perfect outfit by sharing some thoughts with you about my favorite holiday dress styles. :) First things first: I am sorry it has been awhile since I have posted on the blog. Boss Boutique is growing and keeping me busy - as are my three girls. :) I do love posting these and hope you enjoy them too. But, back to business. Dresses are one of my favorite holiday styles. If you're looking for women's clothing...

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