Taking a Leap!

  I have been dreaming up Boss Boutique for many years.  It was hard for me to take the leap to start my own store.  If you are like me, you are so scared to fail.  Now today I look back and think well that wasn't that bad.  I just need to keep moving forward toward the big goal that is in my head, which is still scary.  While I loved being in TanCity and having their help, I have decided to move into my own store and expand a bit.  

  Right now the plan for the store in Huron will be to close it until I get my new location locked in and ready for some amazing new items for spring/summer!!  Boss Boutique will still have a rack inside of The Mirror on 33 4th St SE, Huron.  I will still be posting new items on Facebook and the website.  You will still be able to choose pick up when ordering from the website, I will meet you.  Boss Boutique will be popping up in different places between now and when the new store opens!

  I want to thank those of you who have been supportive of my journey.  Also my customers for their business, encouraging words and feedback.  The businesses who have let me hang for a day to set up shop and the mentors who keep helping me along the way.  A big thank you goes to my family for the extra help and support to keep me going. 

Stop in the Huron store this week only for a HUGE sale.  You can save online too!  

Have a great day! 

Ashley E.  





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Wow, great forum.Much thanks again. Rudack


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