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Hello Again!!  It has been awhile.  I was super busy working on the store and this blog was put on the back burner.  As you may know the store is off and running!  The grand opening was lots of fun and was happy to see many of you there.  Love using those big scissors.  Today I am going share with you some of the new items offered and what is in the works for the future.  

At our new store we now have homemade jewelry, Jewelry On The Go (jewelry bags), home decor and even furniture pieces!  These item are all made in South Dakota by some amazing ladies.  Their items are perfect for gifts for graduation, weddings and don't forget Mother's Day.  Follow each of them on Facebook at NikNak, CB Designs, Jewelry On the GO, and Ashley Zantow with Angle Designz.  Check out the pictures below of some of their crafty creations.  

Right now I am planning to have one small event in the store each month to get together and have fun!  In May we will help you celebrate Mother's Day with a Mom's and Mimosas Event!  Saturday May 7th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm we will be serving Coffee and Mimosas!!  We will also be giving the first 10 customers a delicious truffle from Don't Spill the Beans to keep or gift to someone you love.  Come and help us celebrate all Moms!  I have many different event ideas in my head as we speak, but I am waiting to hear back from others before I announce them just yet.   So stay tuned for more event announcements.  Exciting!! 

Some of you have been asking if the store will still be traveling.  Right now we do have 3 events on the calendar for this year.  Boss Boutique will be doing the SD State Fair, Brookings Holiday Shopping Expo and the Women's Expo in Huron!

We are in the process of hiring staff at the store to keep everything running smoothly and make everyone's visit to the store warm and welcoming.  So you will be seeing some new faces behind the counter and helping find you amazing outfits and gifts.  We hope to see you soon.

Thanks for checking in with us.  Have a great day!!

Ashley E. 


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