First Post

Hello!  I am Ashley Eichstadt, owner of Boss Boutique!  Here you will be able to keep up with Boss Boutique!  You will see what we are up to, new arrivals before they hit the store, our new loves, trends in fashion and everything else we want to share with you.  I personally love to know what is trending in the fashion world, but I also love anything to do with houses.  So you might see some of the hottest trends for houses from kitchens to exteriors.  Maybe we will have a guest blogger here and there too, you never know!  We also want you to tell us what you think in the comment section below.  You can even give us some ideas of what you want to read about.  As of right now my goal is once a week, we will see how this goes.  

Oh man, I am excited and a little nervous!  You never know unless you try, right?  So here we go! 

Have a great day!

Ashley E. 

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