The T-shirt Dresses Have ARRIVED

The softest dress you will EVER wear, the T-SHIRT dress.  Oh and it has pockets too!!  I know, right!  Our t-shirt dresses hit the store floor yesterday in the always loved black, heather grey and peachy/pink.  This is a piece you will be wearing all year long.  Put leggings or tights under it in the colder months.  It's perfect for layering.  Add a vest or a jacket, wear it with boots, booties, flats or sandals.  Pretty much this dress gets a long with everything and anything in your closet!  Add simple jewelry or add some bling to dress it up.  I attached some pictures below and then you can head to our Pinterest account to see more ideas!  


Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!  We hope to see you in the store soon! 

Ashley E. 

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I’m gonna have to try one of these on. Super cute


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