The Return of the Choker!

You may or may not have rocked a choker back in the day!  I am pretty sure I had one or two, I wouldn't say it was my most favorite necklace that sticks out in my head.  Chokers are officially back in style and we are seeing them on all over the place.  I can't lie, I am falling in love chokers!  At first I was mostly seeing them with a v-neck top, but now I am seeing them with all types of necklines and layered with other necklaces.  You can dress them up or dress them down with your favorite t-shirt and denim shorts.  So to give you a little help and some ideas on what to wear your new choker or your old choker that you had back in grade school, I added some pictures below.  Let me know in the comments what you think of the return of the choker and which way you would wear one.  

Enjoy the pictures and stop by the store to find a few fab chokers to try yourself!

Have a Great Day!

Ashley E. 

gargantilla negraPandora Sykesgargantilla 90The Ziggy Choker - Child of Wild
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Clearly shows how chokers are back in power and will take its place soon.
Keep Sharing..
Thank You.

Samantha Brookes

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