Why Shop Local?

Before I owned my own business I was the one that shopped online, trying to find the best deal.  I didn't realize how much spending my money in the community where my family lives and works actually made that much of a difference.  Listed below are just a few reasons why you should shop local.

1.  The local businesses are the ones that back the local activities.  One of the big events is the state fair that is held here in Huron.  The local businesses are the sponsors for many of the events, like the concerts and the bull bash.  

2.  How about when someone we know needs to raise money for a life threatening illness?  The local businesses are the ones that donate items up for auction at the fundraisers to help that individual or family.

3.  Raising money for school events such as trips or prom activities.  They also donate the prizes given out at these events.  

4.  Raising money for new projects in your local community.  In Huron recently Splash Central was built and I know the local business I was working for donated and so did the employees!  Also any parks or other projects to make your hometown friendly and welcoming.  

5.  In Huron we see many businesses come and go.  We get annoyed, "Nothing stays in Huron".  Remember we have to get out and take advantage of what local businesses have to offer.  New businesses give us more choices for eating, shopping and entertainment.  

6.  Local Jobs.

7.  Support the local family behind each business.  

The more we shop local the more we will see our communities grow. The money you spend local you will see again whether it's money raised for a family member or the new playground that your kids love playing at.  Invest in your community.  


Have a great day!

Ashley E. 


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