Giving Back this Holiday Season

This time of year is crazy busy with decorating, baking, Christmas parties and trying to find a gift for that person that has everything.  Since it's so chaotic, it is easy to forget about taking the time to give back.  Here are some ideas to help you give back this year.  The Salvation Army Angel tree is a great way to get a gift for a child in your community.  Giving doesn't have to be for someone you don't know.  You could give time or treats to someone you do know.  Just spending time with someone during the holiday season is giving back too.  Reminding them that you care and you are thinking about them.  How about a grandparent or a neighbor?  Giving back can be taking the time to tell someone thank you for all they do.  Write them a little card telling them how much you appreciate all they do or have done this year.  It's the little things that make others feel good and all of this will come back to you!

There are so many small acts of kindness you can do this holiday season and throughout the year!  Comment below any ideas you have and ways that you have given back.  Click the link below for more ideas.

Thanks so much for reading my blog today!  Have a great day!

Ashley E. 


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